Sofa is one of the indispensable furniture in the family. When we choose a sofa, we also compare and choose many times. If we want to choose a sofa that suits our home, how do you choose? Let’s take a look at the sofa choices I shared. Skills, help you choose no longer tangled.

best living room sofa
  1. Appearance: according to the style

In terms of appearance, solid wood sofas are suitable for matching in Chinese-style living rooms, fabric sofas are suitable for simple, Nordic and other styles, and leather sofas are more common in European, American, modern and other styles of decoration, so if you are more concerned about appearance If so, you can choose the sofa material according to the style of the space.

  1. Sitting comfort: fabric>leather>solid wood

In terms of the comfort of sitting on, the soft and skin-friendly texture of the fabric sofa is the most comfortable; while the leather sofa is soft, it is a little cold to sit on in winter, and it is sweaty in summer to sit on sticky, relatively speaking, the comfort is not good. Fabric sofas are good; while solid wood sofas are too tough for young people, the comfort of sitting up is poor, but combined with cushions, you can sit up and stay warm in winter and cool in summer, but there is no fabric leather when sitting on the sofa for a long time to watch movies. The sofa is so comfortable.

best living room sofa
  1. Durable: solid wood > fabric ≥ leather

In terms of durability, solid wood sofas are the most toss-resistant. As long as they are of good quality, they will not break for a lifetime. If leather sofas are properly maintained, it will be fine if there are no bear children at home. If there are bear children, use sharp objects to scratch On the one hand, it is estimated that it will have to be replaced or refurbished after a few years; for fabrics, the surface is relatively more resistant to tossing than leather sofas, but after repeated washing, it will also wear out and become old.

best living room sofa
  1. Safety: leather≈fabric>solid wood

Considering safety issues, it is generally the choice of children at home. With a hard material like a solid wood sofa, if there are children running around at home, the solid wood sofa is easy to bump into the children, while the fabric and leather sofas have a soft surface. Don’t be afraid of children bumping into it, it will be much safer overall.

  1. Care and maintenance: solid wood>fabric>leather

Generally, solid wood sofas can be cleaned by wiping the dust, and the maintenance is relatively simple; for fabric sofas, if they can be removed, the cloth covers should be removed regularly for cleaning; and leather sofas are relatively troublesome to maintain.

best living room sofa
  1. Space utilization: solid wood > leather ≈ fabric

Generally speaking, the backrest of a solid wood sofa only has a skeleton, which saves space; while sofas made of fabric and leather are relatively “fat” and take up a lot of space because of the soft sitting feeling.

  1. Hygiene: solid wood>leather>fabric

Solid wood sofas generally have no gaps and dead corners, and there is basically no problem in wiping dust; for leather sofas, the gaps in the middle will have dead corners, and there will generally be no dirt on the surface; and fabrics are more “dirty” , The dust is a little bigger. After sitting for a month, I slapped it hard, and the dust was really scary. Let me talk about whether there will be bacteria or mites. The dust alone feels very unsanitary. Especially for families with rhinitis and allergies, if you choose a fabric sofa, the sofa cover must be cleaned frequently.

best living room sofa
  1. Environmental protection: solid wood ≥ fabric> leather

From the perspective of environmental protection, after the solid wood sofa is painted and ventilated for a period of time, especially the wood wax oil, there is basically no environmental protection problem; and the fabric sofa, if not very cheap, if the fabric itself does not add glue, it is also It is more environmentally friendly; for leather sofas, the hidden dangers of environmental protection are relatively large, and inferior leather will add a lot of glue or toxic substances, and the odor of leather sofas is also unacceptable to many people.

best living room sofa

What kind of sofa to choose, you can consider according to your family situation, living habits, style collocation and other comprehensive factors. Hope these can help you.