There are countless types of lamps to illuminate your home, from freestanding table or floor lamps to pendants and chandeliers. But one often-overlooked lighting option is the wall lamp, or sconce. Casting pools of light upwards or downwards, these lamps help accentuate a room’s artwork, focal point or even general lighting scheme with their soft glow.

As the gallery wall continues to make its way into modern homes, finding the right wall lamps to showcase your favorite art prints, tapestries and other unique decor is becoming increasingly important. Luckily, Luxxu Blog is here to help you create the perfect gallery wall of your dreams by highlighting which wall lamps are the most suitable.

This gallery wall features a number of accent pieces, including an ornate tapestry and a series of paintings. To highlight the rich colors and textures of these works, picture lights are a perfect choice. These lamps are specifically designed to accentuate the details of your art or other wall decor, bringing attention to each piece and keeping the overall ambiance of the space calm and relaxing.

For reading nooks or bedside tables, swing arm wall lamps are another great option. These lamps allow you to easily extend them out over a book or magazine, then push them back against the wall when not in use. These stylish, functional wall lamps are sure to be the perfect addition to any reading nook or other calming space.