industrial swing arm

Industrial swing arm wall lamps are characterized by their heavy use of industrial aesthetic elements. They take their cues from turn-of-the-century warehouse lighting fixtures. They feature heavy-duty metal and rustic wood construction and are often accented by rivets, chain links, or metal ribbon strips. They can be subtle and blend in with the surrounding color scheme, or bold and colorful, making a statement.

Manick Adjustable Industrial Wall Light

This adjustable wall light features a vintage industrial style and an industrial-inspired design. It has an antique brass arm with a solid brass bulb, which can be adjusted up and down. A clear cord connects the lamp to a second wall bracket. Its length is adjustable up to 180 degrees, making it an ideal task, reading, or ambient light.

This functional swing arm wall lamp has an antique brass finish with gunmetal accents. The lamp’s shade is rounded and downward facing. Its adjustable arm allows you to position the light anywhere in the room. It is designed to fit any room and can be plugged into any outlet.

Manick Adjustable Industrial Wall Sconce

The Manick Adjustable Industrial Swing Arm wall light is the perfect fit for your modern farmhouse decor. Perfect for hanging on the side of your bed headboard or favorite reading chair, this industrial-inspired wall light allows you to direct the light exactly where you want it. The swinging arm can be adjusted from right to left while the bulb head can be tilted up or down. It works perfectly with Edison-style filament bulbs.