jinx jellyfish lamp

If you’re looking for an Animated Jellyfish Lamp, you have come to the right place. This cool lamp can be set to run on one colour or change colours at random, and it plugs into a standard power outlet. It’s also a fun way to liven up your home decor.

Animated Jellyfish Lamp

The Jinx animated jellyfish lamp is an innovative LED lamp that uses 18 colour-changing LEDs to create an amazing visual experience. These lights shine through the silicone shell of the jellyfish and reflect off its body, creating an incredible neon effect. A beautiful addition to any room, this lamp is great for decor or as a mood light.

Can be set to stay on a single colour

The Jinx Jellyfish lamp is a fun and unique home decor item. It features two vibrantly coloured jellyfish that swim around the tank. It is made of silicone and features 18 LED lights that phase through an automatic colour-changing cycle. Alternatively, you can set the lamp to remain on a single colour. The LED lights reflect off the jellyfish’s skin and create an amazing neon effect. This lamp plugs into a standard wall outlet and comes packaged with an AC adapter or 220-240V mains transformer.

The JINX Jellyfish Lamp is an incredible addition to your decor, and is the perfect gift for a special someone. The realistic electric and silicone light-up jellyfish create a stunning effect in any room. It is ideal for use as a sensory environment or as a relaxing mood light. This Australian-made lamp is a great way to create a fun and unique home decor accent.

Plugs into standard power outlet

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Operates cool

The Jinx Luminous Jellyfish lamp is the most visually stunning Jellyfish Mood Lamp on the market. It features two brightly coloured Jellyfish which are illuminated by 18 LEDs. Each LED cycles through an automatic colour transition cycle. They can be held on a favourite colour or be set to cycle through a single colour. The jellyfish also has silicone skin to give them a neon effect.

The Jinx jellyfish lamp is a great gift for any jellyfish lover. It is a stunning addition to any room and will definitely create a magical effect. It has 18 LED lights and can be set to run in a single colour or switch to auto-changing modes. The lamp is made in Australia and is a fun addition to any decor.