The area of ​​a small apartment itself is not large, and the space of the kitchen is relatively small. In order to make the kitchen space more spacious, some people will put the refrigerator in the dining room or living room. Inconvenient, in a small apartment, the dining room is not too spacious, and the living room is the same. The best way is to plan and design the kitchen more reasonably, for example, put the refrigerator in the corner of the kitchen, so that it is more convenient to hold the ingredients when cooking, and it will not affect the aesthetics of the interior. The small kitchen refrigerator is the most sensible, beautiful and practical.

This U-shaped cabinet design kitchen is very common in large kitchens, but it can also be done in a small space with a reasonable design. The refrigerator is designed on the side of the cabinet, leaving a suitable space for the refrigerator, which is fully functional.

In a small-sized kitchen, you may not only choose a small refrigerator. After moving in, all ingredients need to be put in the refrigerator. It is very inconvenient if the refrigerator space is too small. If you feel that there is no place to put the large refrigerator, you can put the refrigerator into the design, which not only looks good but also does not take up space, and the space above can also be equipped with a hanging cabinet, which can increase a lot of storage space. vololighting

You can also put the refrigerator at the door, so that it will not affect the handling of ingredients. It is also very convenient to take things in the dining room and living room. It does not require too much design. The simple method can make the kitchen look much more spacious, and the stove is on the side. The table and the sink on the side are very convenient to use.

The layout of the kitchen is different. You can also put the refrigerator at the door. You are not afraid of making mistakes. However, you must be careful not to affect the use of the door, and you must be far away from the stove. After all, when using fire, the temperature is always If it is higher, it will affect the refrigeration of the refrigerator.

One-line kitchen design, the refrigerator is designed on one side of the cabinet, and the corner of the wall is also very suitable for placing the refrigerator. The color of the refrigerator matches the cabinet, which is very beautiful. Due to the limited space, in order not to be depressing, there is no hanging on the wall. Cabinets, replaced by wooden shelves, can be used to store everyday items.

The heat dissipation problem of the refrigerator must be considered. No matter where the design is, space for heat dissipation must be reserved. In a small kitchen, the refrigerator is tucked under the wall cabinet, and the space will look a little depressing, but this kitchen is designed just now. Well, it still fills the closet.

The overall layout of the kitchen is very simple and clean, there are no hanging cabinets, the space is very spacious, it is very suitable for small kitchens, and the refrigerator is placed in the corner just right.

The decoration of this kitchen is also very simple, which is very suitable for kitchens with limited space. The windows on both sides can increase the lighting. The color matching is mainly light, which makes the whole space brighter. The design of the wall cabinet is very practical.

The placement of the refrigerator in the kitchen is not only practical but also beautiful, regardless of the size of the kitchen. With wall tiles and floor tiles of different colors, the kitchen will look more individual.

It is also very practical to put the refrigerator in the small kitchen in this way. The cabinet can be installed in the space that can fit the cabinet, which can increase a lot of storage space and looks good.