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Decorating Shabby Chic Living Room with Mixing Patterns

Shabby chic living room is unique because it combines some overwhelming elements to get chic living room ambience. For decorating a room area like this, you should have some unique elements to mix so it can create uniqueness to the room. The ideas and tips how to mix the overwhelming elements for shabby chic living room décor we will talk further below. Let’s dig them up! Shabby Chic Living Room […]

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Feng Shui Living Room for a Good Luck Home Living

Feng shui living room is one of ancient Chinese arts for interior décor. The feng shui living room design aims to get the home balance, home protection, happiness and wealth of the occupants. And concerning to the living room décor, there are varied elements that are important to be noted if you want to get those advantages. Feng Shui Living Room Tips Feng shui living room has some tips to […]

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Simple Décor Ideas for Creating Minimalist Living Room

Minimalist living room is perfect to style in minimalist home design. In order to design this kind of living room, some aspects you should consider. Moreover, if the living room is styled as an open interior décor, the consideration you need is more because you have to note the living room surroundings. Additionally, the elements you need to notice are not only the living room furnishings. More than that, you […]